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7 Empowering Resources For Vulnerable Adults In Lewisham

Through supporting vulnerable adults with fresh same-day grocery delivery from our great range of local stores. We have collaborated with many charities and organisations in the space and are aware of many resources that can give you a helping hand! We have put together our Top 7 Resources for vulnerable adults in Lewisham. And if you read to the end you’ll get a special bonus! From handyman/woman support to community transport - Here are our top picks:

1. Community Connections Lewisham

Lewisham Community Connections

An organisation that connects local communities and services that support people with health and wellbeing. They are connected with many Lewisham organisations from digital inclusion companies to transport services that can assist with a range of activities. CCL is what is known as a ‘Social Prescribing’ service, meaning that they help you to find out about local services and groups that are relevant to you, and help you to access them more easily.


"We also helped Martin and his family to complete application forms for subsidised transport services including Taxicard and Dial-A-Ride, making his journeys to and from groups more simple and affordable.

You can check out their site for more information or call their helpline at

0330 058 3464 (Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 4 pm)


2. Lewisham Hospital Dietetics Department

Lewisham Hospital Dietetics Department

This department in the NHS provides nutrition and dietetic services to adults and children in the Lewisham community. They provide education, information, food advice and identify nutritional needs. This department work with many locals who have long-term and acute conditions. Their Adult Nutrition and Dietetic services are available for patients over 16 years old. Services provided for the Lewisham community include:

  • Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) structured education sessions
  • Shopping for Health tours in local supermarkets
  • Adult Weight Management Group

If you want to improve your diet, they are the people to go to!


The ‘clap for the NHS’ campaign and the constant demand for an increase in NHS workers’ wages is a huge testament to how dedicated the NHS staff are, nationwide! That is a strong enough testimonial!

The Dietetics Department is based in University Hospital Lewisham, Suite 9, 2nd Floor University Hospital Lewisham, Lewisham High Street, London, SE13 6LH.

You can call them on 020 8 333 3314 or check out their website for more information.


3. Lewisham Homes

Lewisham Homes

Lewisham Homes is a not-for-profit organisation with the vision to improve housing in the borough. They manage over 19,000 homes on behalf of Lewisham council which includes independent living accommodations - where they support vulnerable adults to live independent lives. They also offer a range of empowering services for Lewisham residents (you are still eligible if you do not live in one of their accommodations) - including a handyperson service and the fitting of housing aids/adaptations.


“Spoke with a young chap this afternoon on the repairs line. Jake provided an excellent service, dealing with my enquiry in a professional, friendly, courteous manner, which does him and Lewisham proud. Should I need to call again, I will be sure to ask for Jake. Thank you.”

Have a look at Lewisham Homes’ services for vulnerable adults!


4. Lewisham Occupational Therapy Service

Lewisham Occupational Therapy Service

This is an Occupational Therapy service for physically disabled people run by the Lewisham council. Dealing with independence, therapy and rehabilitation. The Occupational Therapy team will review aspects of your day-to-day life (from inside of your house to your workplace) and explore ways in which your activities can be done more efficiently, using aids/adaptations.

To find out more about Occupational Therapy and how the team can make day-to-day life more efficient - check out their site!


5. Linkline Telecare

Linkline Telecare

Linkline Telecare is a 24-hour alarm system that is used in an emergency. This technology helps vulnerable adults who feel at risk in their own homes. Many in the local Lewisham community feel safer using the Linkline device. This alarm is installed into your home and is plugged into your phone - you also get a pendant for your neck or wrist. The Linkline is activated by pressing a button on the pendant or on the telecare unit which alerts the Linkline team - who can provide instant assistance.


“The local authority provided me with a variety of devices including a personal pendant and smoke alarm which I am pleased to say has provided me with the much-needed security that I needed whilst giving my family their own peace of mind.”

Find out more about Linkline Telecare!


6. Healthwatch Lewisham

Healthwatch Lewisham

Healthcare Lewisham is the independent champion for people looking for local health and social care services. The Healthwatch Lewisham team work alongside decision-makers to improve these local services. Their website contains information on local health and social care services with reviews. It is a good place to find a trusted health and social care service.


“Nice people and a good cause.”

Check out Healthwatch Lewisham’s site!


7. Lewisham Community Transport

Lewisham Community Transport

With over 200 individual members, Lewisham Community Transport is an independent, volunteer-focused, local transport charity addressing social issues through their transport service for vulnerable people. They have supported people in the borough since 1999, helping them get around!


“Great team & so helpful throughout.”

Check out Lewisham Community Transport's site to find out how they can support you getting from A to B


BONUS: Ordrs


Since 2019, we have helped vulnerable people with the tedious task of grocery shopping to get fresh produce, general groceries, and specialist foods (such as cultural foods, fresh seafood, and halal meat) plus over-the-counter medicines to their doorstep in a few hours from a range of big retailers and local shops. Our trained grocery agents choose the best produce and carry out shopping like “you would do yourself”.

We charge £3.49 (per store shopped from) for your groceries to your doorstep on the same day if you order before 2 pm – our customers have said this is value for money and there is no minimum spend!


"A very helpful service for people who are unable to do their food shopping due to a disability or poor health. Thank you, Davidson. I appreciate your service. All the best."

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