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About Us

Ordrs is the new Online High Street you’ve been waiting for. We give users the power to get all their groceries via one easy-to-use application plus the perk of same-day delivery.

Many supermarkets have an online presence. But independent retailers such as market stalls and multicultural food shops lack a significant online presence. Ordrs is here for the consumer, allowing users to buy their shopping from a variety of stores, from the market stalls to the big retailers and have it delivered in one easy go.

As a team, we strongly believe that the gig economy (working between short-term contracts and freelance work) has the potential to be mutually beneficial for employees and employers. Our ambitious vision is to redefine the industry to make it fair and ethical. As well as providing value for our users, we are looking to collaborate with organisations and individuals who share our vision, to redefine the gig economy.