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Andrex Toilet Tissue 4 Roll White - Tesco

Andrex Toilet Tissue 4 Roll White

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Classic Clean
Andrex Classic Clean. A touch of cotton. White. 4 Toilet rolls. Average 200 sheets per toilet roll. 2 Ply Toilet Paper.
Andrex® wants everyone to feel as clean as possible. New improved Andrex® Classic Clean is specially designed to give you a confident clean. It's now even softer and features a unique texture to leave you feeling fresh and comfortable.
4 Rolls. Average 200 sheets per roll. 2 Ply. Average sheet size 124mm x 103mm. Average roll length 24.80mm.
Toilet roll; toilet rolls; toilet paper
A touch of cotton
4 Toilet tissue rolls, white
Average 200 sheets per roll
2 Ply
Pack size: 800SHT