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Copella Apple Juice 1.35L - Tesco

Copella Apple Juice 1.35L

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Apple Juice.
- Copella Cloudy Apple Juice: Enjoy the true taste of nature
- At Copella, we use hand-picked seasonal apples and expertly press them at Boxford Farm
- This bottle contains 9 x 150ml servings
- 150ml provides one of your daily portions of fruit and vegetables
- Partnering with nature since 1969
It all started 50 years ago... when Devora Peake hand-picked her first apple at Boxford Farm. To this day, we still reflect the timeless values of the Suffolk countryside - simple, honest and true. With a wide range of bottle sizes and flavours available there's a refreshing juice for everybody. Why not try Copella Apple and Elderflower. A gorgeous, quintessentially British flavour of apples and elderflower make for a delicate botanical, yet satisfyingly sweet flavour.
Pressed in Britain
Not from concentrate
Pack size: 1.35l