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Go Cat For Indoor Cats Chicken And Vegetable 2Kg - Tesco

Go Cat For Indoor Cats Chicken And Vegetable 2Kg

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Complete Pet Food for Adult Cats.
Our cats are natural explorers, alive to everything in their world. It's what makes them such fascinating members of the family and brings so much vitality to our home.
But Indoor cats interact little with nature and therefore may miss out on some of the benefits from the outdoors.
That's why Purina® Experts have created Go-Cat® for Indoor Cats: specially formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of cats who spend most of their time indoors.
Go-Cat® has been feeding cats with good, wholesome nutrition for decades. We fill millions of bowls and this honour comes with great responsibility. It's up to us to make sure all cats who eat delicious Go-Cat® get the healthy food they need… That's why Go-Cat® recipes are made with no added artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. So you can keep feeding them the same tasty food they love and feel proud about it.
Go-Cat® Indoor is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of Indoor cats:
* Help your cat maintain a healthy weight thanks to an adapted energy intake
* Help support a healthy digestion thanks to Fibres from natural sources
* Reduce litter odour as it includes Chicory
* Help to reduce the formation of hairballs thanks to Beet Pulp extracts
* 100% complete and balanced nutrition
Go-Cat® Indoor supports the health, vitality and happiness of your indoor cat, helping your little Indoor explorer to live a life full of discovery and adventure in your home every day.
Purina® Experts have created Go-Cat® for adult cats: delicious quality cat food to nourish your explorer's endless interest in his world.
GO-CAT® offers a great range of products to suit every age and lifestyle:
-Kitten: for healthy growth of kittens
-Adult: for healthy body condition
-Senior: tailored nutrition for mature cats
-Crunchy&Tender: two delicious textures of crunchy & softer kibbles
100% Complete & Balanced
Maintain a healthy weight
Help support a healthy digestion
Reduce litter odour
No added artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives
Pack size: 2kg