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Kenco Cappuccino Coffee 8 Sachets 149G - Tesco

Kenco Cappuccino Coffee 8 Sachets 149G

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Instant flavoured coffee mix with sugar and skimmed milk powder.
Blend a little indulgence into your day
Make a mocha whip up a Cappuccino
Take time for a latte
Your favourite moment is simply a coffee away
Cofficionados Since 1923
Cofficionado, noun [kof-fish-uh-nah-doh]
1. A true coffee lover 2. Employee of Kenco the Coffee Company
Why not try
Mocha Latte
8 Serving Suggestion**
**Cocoa powder not included
Creamy & frothy
72 calories per serving
1.6g fat per serving
Pack size: 149g