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Palcarsa Chorizo Sarta Dulce 325g - Olives & more

Palcarsa Chorizo Sarta Dulce 325g

Olives & more
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Presented in string or horseshoe format, it is characteristic for its aroma, color and flavor. Chorizo ​​de León Palcarsa is one of our most valued products by our consumers. True to tradition, the characteristic smoke gives it an unmistakable flavor.

Chorizo ​​de León Extra: 100% natural
Without coloring or preservatives and made only with 5 essential ingredients: pork, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano. Natural beef casings do the rest, shaping this delicious traditional sausage.

The combinations to taste this chorizo ​​are multiple and varied: as a succulent tapa, in a sandwich with a bread that is up to scratch, sautéed over good fried eggs, adding character to a traditional pizza or macaroni dish.

Contest organized by the City of Covaleda and the TourismUrbión Association.

We are a certified flavor
Palcarsa is one of the companies certified by the Chorizo ​​de León Collective Brand, which ensures compliance with the production requirements and product quality. We defend and preserve our own to guarantee a unique and stable flavor, appreciated by the most select palates.

Enjoy it in all our presentations and formats. We make Chorizo ​​de León in different weights and presentations: sliced ​​or in string (horseshoe) format. All of them in sweet or spicy flavor.

The presentation "SARTA" or "HORSESHOE"

It is made in longitudinal pieces in which a rope (“string”) is tied to each end to hang it. After its healing, it acquires its traditional “horseshoe” shape, which is why we call it one way or another.