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Tesco 44 Battered Chicken Dippers 1Kg - Tesco

Tesco 44 Battered Chicken Dippers 1Kg

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Chopped and shaped chicken breast in a batter coating.
Delicious chicken dippers are a real family favourite and it's easy to see why. Fuss free, quick cooking for hungry tummies at teatime. Made with 100% tender chicken breast dippers and coated in a light and crispy batter. Cook from frozen in just 17 minutes and make a teatime treat with potato waffles, petits pois and a dollop of ketchup. Dippable and dunkable, pile up a bowl of dippers with a selection of dips for a family night in with a movie. These dippers go with anything from BBQ to relish and tomato ketchup to mayonnaise. This product is made with 100% chicken breast and produced in the UK with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Made with 100% chicken breast dipped in a light, crispy batter
Pack size: 1kg