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Tesco Strong Kitchen Foil 450Mm X 10M - Tesco

Tesco Strong Kitchen Foil 450Mm X 10M

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Tesco Strong Kitchen Foil
Tesco Strong Kitchen Foil 450mm x 10m
Stores leftovers. Lines oven trays. Makes your roasts.
10m x 450mm approx. Tesco strong foil gives extra reassurance of mess-free cooking and is suitable for use in fridge, freezer & oven. Ideal for; - Keeping food fresh and hygienic. - Keeping in flavour, moisture and juices. - Keeping food hot. - Use to freeze meat, fish and poultry. - Lining trays or mess-free cooking. - Use to cover delicate foods such as flans, cakes and pastries. WARNINGS CAUTION: SHARP CUTTING EDGE Keep foil away from electric heating elements. Do not allow foil to come into contact with a naked flame. Do not use in a microwave oven unless recommended in the microwave manufacturer's handbook. Never re-use foil. Salt in food can occasionally attack the foil and cause small holes. To prevent this, lightly coat the foil with cooking oil prior to cooking. Do not store consumables in metal containers covered with foil. Allow food to cool completely before storing in foil. Do not allow foil to come into direct contact with acidic foods, e.g. rhubarb and citrus fruits. ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Box and inner tube made from recycled board. Clean foil can be scrunched into a ball and recycled.
10m x 450mm approx.
Stores leftovers
Lines oven trays
Makes your roasts
Pack size: 10m