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Walls Soft Scoop Vanilla 1800Ml (Tesco) - Tesco

Walls Soft Scoop Vanilla 1800Ml (Tesco)

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Vanilla flavour ice cream
Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla flavour Ice Cream 1800ml.
We put our passion and over 80 years of ice cream experience into every tub, so it's no wonder we're the number one soft scoop brand. Enjoy our classic vanilla flavour ice cream on its own, with toppings, or as a complement to your favourite pudding.
Our Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla flavour Ice Cream comes in a 1.8L tub, giving you plenty of ice cream to share. It is the perfect family dessert and a must-have staple for your freezer. Delicious on its own, or drizzled with chocolate sauce, it is an incredibly versatile dessert. Dress it up with bananas and cream, turn it into an incredible sundae, take the heat out of sizzling crumbles, put a couple of scoops with your fizzy drink to make a float – there are endless ways that you and your family can have some fun.
Bring your family together! With Wall's delicious Ice Cream that everyone loves, it is so easy to connect, laugh and truly bond. So get the spoons ready and say Goodbye Serious Hello Joy!
Put the fun back in your family with Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla flavour Ice Cream.
To find out more, visit www.icecreamjoy.com
Number one soft scoop brand
Freezer staple
Family dessert
Perfect on its own or to complement dessert
Brings the family together
Goodbye Serious Hello Joy!
Pack size: 1800ml