£10 Off Your First Shop For Lewisham Homes Residents

  • - Enjoy a fresh range of foods from lovely local stores which include five-star fruit and veg, fresh meat and delightful bakery products plus general groceries and over the counter medicine.

    - Our personal shoppers are trained to choose the freshest products and they'll even give you a phone call to allow you to choose a suitable substitution!

    - Use our simple online site, stay safe at home and avoid long queues - enjoy same-day delivery with no minimum spend and get your much-loved groceries to your doorstep in hours.

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Here's what they think about us...

We currently help people who find it difficult to get around and those who are super busy and would rather not go through the tedious task of grocery shopping... get fresh produce, general groceries, and specialist foods plus over-the-counter medicines to their doorstep in a few hours from our amazing local store partners. Guaranteed!

So you might ask, how does this work... Simple! Add items to your basket on our easy to use website, checkout using our secure payment system, and then leave the rest to us!

Our current customers LOVE the fact that they can shop for certain foods you don’t usually find in the supermarket. Want some Turkish Pide Bread? You got it. Fancy some Plantain? Halal meat? It’s yours. How about some Lobster from the Fishmongers? Look no further.

And when an item is not available - you can count on our friendly team to let you know, so you can select an alternative... Even if it means popping over to other shops to get the items you want. Our trained grocery agents choose the best produce and carry out shopping like “you would do yourself”.

Our mission is to serve you. Especially during these difficult times, we want you to have the ease of access to your desired foods and groceries in the comfort of your own home.

Delivery costs £3.49 per store visited. If you order before 2pm, we will deliver the same day - our customers have said that this is value for money as there is no minimum spend!

Want to try us out? Give us your email to claim £10 off your first ordr!

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We are a purpose-driven platform which supports independent stores - boosting local business. And we allow you to get your groceries to your doorstep in a few hours.

Our core values are ethics, environment, efficiency and excellence. We are on a mission to put the high street online and set an example to the grocery delivery space - showing them that it is possible to be ethical as well as sustainable. We will ensure our employees are paid fairly and everybody we collaborate with is treated right. We will eventually own a fleet of only eco-friendly transport as our team believes in playing our part to preserve the world for future generations.

We have begun our journey in Lewisham and have huge goals to have an impact nationally.

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