Following Boris Johnson's announcement of a complete lockdown, Ordrs will be shut down until further notice. We are looking to obtain an official permit from the council to facilitate local deliveries.

What is Ordrs?

We Are Ordrs

We are not Amazon... We support high street stores

We are not Deliveroo... We deliver groceries

We are not Gousto... We let you ordr a variety of groceries from food to household essentials

We are not Tesco Direct... We allow you to shop from a variety of stores - from Tesco to your local butcher

We are Ordrs.

We get your groceries to your doorstep on the same day from your favourite independent shops and much-loved big supermarkets.


Your Favourite Stores

Shop from your best-loved independents to big retailers on one platform

Perfectly-picked Produce

We are experts and know how to pick the freshest and best-quality produce

Same-day Delivery

Ordr as soon as possible to guarantee a same-day delivery slot!


Ordr Scrumptious Recipes (Mmmmm...)

The 4 Es


We treat everybody right, whether you are a customer, employee or partner. We have identified great issues with ethics in the on-demand delivery space and strongly believe that the gig economy (working between short-term contracts and freelance work) has the potential to be mutually beneficial for employees and employers. Our ambitious vision is to redefine the industry, to make it fair and ethical. As well as providing value for our users, we are looking to collaborate with organisations and individuals who share our vision, to redefine the gig economy.



From plastic to greenhouse gases, the world faces numerous environmental issues. We are passionate about leading the revolution of eco-friendly e-commerce. We will invest our funds into eco-friendly solutions such as electric vehicles and biodegradable carrier bags. With the support of like-minded organisations and government-backing - Ordrs will pioneer the wave of environmentally-friendly e-commerce.



Sometimes we can get caught up in day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, cooking… Shopping. If you find shopping to be a tedious task, why not let us help you free up some time. We will do your shopping for you, affording you the time you deserve to relax, be with your loved ones and to do the things you love most 



Finally, we provide an excellent service tailored to your needs.

Our Ethical Partners