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Health and Wellbeing Directory

Curated by NHS, dietition, Jasmine Carbon - our community directory to support health and wellbeing includes local organisations, voluntary and community groups and local businesses.

 Organisation Type of service Description Website
HEAL-D Type 2 diabetes If you have diabetes there are lots of things you can do to help care for yourself and stay healthy, this is often called self-management. It can be hard to find reliable, relevant information about diabetes and how to manage it, but there is support available. HEAL-D will give you  information, advice and practical tips so you can make choices about your diet and lifestyle to help you manage your diabetes. https://heal-d.org/
The Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Bus High cholesterol The Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Bus brings health and wellbeing information, advice and support into the heart of our communities. It parks up at different locations across the borough throughout the week, Monday to Friday with different health services and health-related information on offer on different days. https://www.lambethtogether.net/lambeths-health-and-wellbeing-bus/
Community Pharmacy Blood pressure check service Hypertension Community Pharmacy's aim to prevent 140 heart attacks and 200 strokes across South East London each year by increasing the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure by providing an easy-to-access blood pressure service in community pharmacies. https://www.selondonics.org/icb/your-health/medicines/community-pharmacy-blood-pressure-check-service/
Lambeth Talking Therapies Mental health Feeling low, anxious or stressed? You’ve come to the right place for help. Lambeth Talking Therapies offer free and confidential talking therapies and specialist support to help you feel better. https://lambethtalkingtherapies.nhs.uk/

Black British Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Chronic Pain The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance has set up a Patient Advisory Group for our Chronic Pain Project. This group of diverse individuals will enable us to learn about their experiences of living with chronic pain, attend and provide input into our quarterly chronic pain workstream meetings, and engage in genuine collaboration on all matters related to chronic pain, including reviewing our online and offline resources and refreshing our pathway. https://www.lambethtogether.net/delivery-alliances/nwda/about/nwda-current-projects/chronic-pain-project/

Gateway Acupuncture Clinic

Various long term conditions The Gateway Clinic is a specialist acupuncture clinic, offering treatment for patients with chronic long-term conditions in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. https://www.lambethandsouthwarkmind.org.uk/directory/gateway-clinic/

Age UK Lambeth

Carer support Age UK Lambeth is an independent local charity that has worked in the community to help older people, their families and carers for over 70 years. We have dedicated staff and amazing volunteers helping us to deliver services and activities for older people in Lambeth. Our mission is to support older people in Lambeth to live enriched, productive and purposeful lives but challenging the stigma of ageing, reducing social isolation and ensuring they get the right support at the right time. https://www.ageuk.org.uk/lambeth/

Prostate Cancer Support Group

Our mission at the Errol McKellar Foundation will be to try and talk to as many men as possible to ensure they are fully aware of the dangers posed by prostate cancer, its potential symptoms and the available tests. We want to stop men from dying through ignorance and fear. We want to launch a national mobile PSA blood testing unit which will encourage men to get tested. https://www.theerrolmckellarfoundation.com/