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Ordrs is a community-focused platform which operates in the borough of Lambeth. Due to the lack of access to culturally-appropriate foods amongst physically disabled and elderly people, we provide same-day grocery delivery from a range of cultural grocers, halal butchers and fishmongers - providing convenience and enabling easier access to healthier and culturally appropriate options through offers and signposting. 

- We offer a broad range of groceries which includes cultural groceries, fresh meats, and specialist fruit and veg.

-We charge £2.49 for same-day delivery (with a variable 0 - 10% service charge).

- Our deliveries are completely carbon-free - we track the emissions that we reduce.

- The groceries you purchase are quality guaranteed.

- All of our groceries are sourced from local stores - meaning that we boost local economy.

We also aim to raise awareness of how dishes commonly consumed by people from diverse ethnic groups can be made healthier through FREE healthy cultural cookery classes - in which we teach participants how to health-enhance (e.g. reduce sugar, salt and oil) cultural dishes from the likes of Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin America!

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