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Our latest partner, TFC Supermarket have added a luscious range of Fresh Turkish Pastries and Confectionaries to our website. You can now get a range of delights to quench your sweet tooth and delicious bread to enjoy - bakery products which include Baklava, Turkish Corek and Oreo Cakes.

1980, just off the vibrant Kingsland High Street, Dalston - arouse the supermarket with the great vision to bring quality, affordable Mediterranean foods to the diverse streets of London. Hüseyin Uçar set up the unique TFC Supermarket.

Now with a presence on 14 high streets in London, TFC Supermarket is a prominent multicultural supermarket chain, supplying a diversified range of products from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, other Mediterranean countries and Africa. Tropical fruit and vegetables, five-star-quality meat and poultry from carefully-selected suppliers and freshly baked savoury Mediterranean pastries - TFC provide a dynamic, luscious range of continental groceries. Despite their great expansion, they still pride themselves on “providing a personal service to each customer”.

Aligned with view on providing personalisation for customers, we are glad to announce that we will be working with the well-known TFC Supermarket, marking their 40th anniversary - we will be working with them to deliver their quality, affordable groceries to your doorstep within a few hours.


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