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Chorikos Ziegenk„se  Goat Cheese 150g

Chorikos Ziegenk„se Goat Cheese 150g

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Goat cheese; It is one of the indispensable flavours for sweetening meals and salads. Goat cheese is one of the most preferred cheeses with the variety it offers. Its varieties vary as soft and hard goat cheese, ezine, cedar cheese, tulum goat cheese and cheapest supermarket cream cheese. Most brands also offer them in slices for easy use. It is widely used for cooking Italian dishes such as hard cheese, pasta, pizza. Goat cheese requires refrigeration for long-term storage after opening the package. Goat cheese also comes in many varieties made without the addition of any preservatives. Flavoured options are available for most types of cheese, often in vacuum packs and airtight containers.


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