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Shan  Chaat Masala Recipe & Seasoning Mix 50g

Shan Chaat Masala Recipe & Seasoning Mix 50g

M N Norwood Halal Butchers and Grocers
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This easy-to-prepare Chaat Masala mix is a great all-purpose seasoning that’ll spice and liven up any salad or curry. This traditional spicy blend incorporates perfectly ground and mixed salt, red chili, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, aniseed, cumin, cardamom, pepper, mango powder, clove, and other flavor-packed spices. This balanced mix offers playful aromas, a little bit of sweetness, plenty of spice, a touch of heat, and mouthfeel that’s not too heavy but adds savory and succulences to any dish – hot or cold! Sprinkle on a fruit or vegetable sauté, or garnish fried nuts, yogurt or any gamey for a delicious addition.


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