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6 Ways To Have An Earth-Conscious Christmas

ethical christmas

Many Christmas’ have unfortunately going to be cancelled, whilst some may not be in the festive mood due to the eventful 2020. However, we really do hope that whether it is via the virtual, on Skype or Facetime or in the physical you enjoy this festive period with your loved ones and are looking forward to better days in 2021!

Moving on from the negative, we do hope that you an amazing Christmas - full of gleaming smiles and startling gifts. Although Christmas is all about enjoying, we hope that you do not overlook your environmental duties!

Stats highlight that Christmas tends to be a period of time in which people neglect their environmental obligations. In the UK:

  • We throw away six million Christmas trees
  • Use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper
  • Chuck out a million turkeys
  • Get rid of 74 million mince pies
  • Dispose of 17.2 million Brussel sprouts

...You get the picture!

So here are a few selfless activities you can do to have a more eco-friendly Christmas:


Many local stores have greatly suffered due to the epidemic - unfortunately, many will not make it over to 2021.

Shopping local does not only support local business owners with the vision to take care of the local community through offering their amazing products, but places such as the farmers’ market and other markets often use less packaging compared to big retailers. Also, local stores, especially local producers tend to have lower food miles.

Recyclable Christmas Crackers

Although the lovely cracker gifts do spark a lot of joy around the dining table - Christmas crackers are full of plastic - there are many recyclable and reusable options. From fabric to ones you can fill up yourself. Many online retailers such as Etsy and high street stores sell recyclable Christmas crackers. This Christmas, we are offering same-day delivery for recyclable crackers from Tesco!

If you are in a creative mood you can make your own crackers - Hobbycraft can teach you how to do this.

Gift Ethically

It is easy to forget where our Christmas gifts actually come through - even products we buy every day may not be sourced in a way which is fair to humanity.

Purchasing more ethical gifts will allow you to support producers - as well as giving people gifts they enjoy, you will be gifting producers with fairness. Katy O'Brien from Fair Trade has put together an amazing blog on buying ethical Christmas gifts.

Buy plantable Christmas cards

Although most paper Christmas cards are recyclable - we can take a step even further!

The average person in the UK receives 17 Christmas cards which is great! But not so great for the planet.

One tree is chopped to make 3,000 Christmas cards, although they are recyclable. We can progress even further by purchasing plantable Christmas cards.

These cards are embedded with seeds and can be planted into beautiful wildflowers or herbs - reversing the damage of chopping down trees.

They are not the cheapest, however, remember, it is more than a Christmas card - you are increasing sustainability as well as sharing beautiful flora. You can find plantable Christmas cards from Earth Bits.

Avoid Plastic Cutlery

Many opt for plastic cutlery during Christmas time as nobody wants to do the dishes - this contributes to the tons of plastic waste in landfills.

Biodegradable cutlery is an eco-friendly alternative which can help you avoid the huge task of washing dishes at Christmas. You can find reasonably priced biodegradable cutlery at Nisbets.

Make Sure That Your Wrapping Paper Is Recyclable

You may assume that all wrapping paper is recyclable...

However, that is not always the case! When you purchase wrapping paper confirm that it is recyclable by checking the packaging - foil and glitter-decorated wrapping should be completely avoided as they are never recyclable.

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