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Make a Quality Fruit Salad



An article on making fruit salad?


Bung a couple of fruits together, chop ‘em up and mix them together and then boom – fruit salad… Well, there is actually more science involved in making a quality fruit salad.


First get your utensils together, a large chopping board, a sharp pairing knife, a large bowl and a mixing spoon.


Now pick the fruit – make sure that the fruit won’t get smushed e.g. overripe raspberries. Also, make sure that the fruit is ripe - tough fruits will ruin the salad.


Then begin chopping, make sure you cut the fruits into similar sizes. Some fruits such as blueberries are obviously going to be too small but make do with ‘em and ensure that the other fruits are the same size.


Fruit salad does not require dressings but they will enhance the flavour!

  • For a fruit salad with orange slices, make sure to use orange juice and zest to sweeten the salad.
  • An all berry fruit salad goes well with lemon juice and zest.
  • Tropical salads (melons, pineapple, mangoes and etc.) go well with lime juice and zest.


Storing Info

  • You can freeze fruit salad, however, it is probably best if you didn’t as it doesn’t thaw the best. Some suggest freezing with a simple syrup will decrease the chances of freezer burn.
  • Citric acid and lemon juice can help prevent the fruit salad from browning.
  • Some fruits last longer e.g. oranges and grapes – if you use fruits such as bananas and apples, make sure that you finish your salad on the same day


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