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Un Development Goals

At Ordrs, we are always challenging ourselves on our purpose. How can we be more impactful? How can we be a pillar in the local community? And how can we illuminate our impact throughout the whole of the UK? A beautiful vision but easier said than done. We strongly believe that with values at the heart of what we do - we can create a win-win situation for everybody that we work with. Providing value for our customers, team members and all of our partners. We have been involved in movements that have improved the livelihoods of people locally which including donating all of our profits to food bank users at the beginning of the epidemic and raising funds to support food bank users access the cultural and healthy foods that they love and cherish. We have recently reviewed the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and quite a few of the goals resonated with us. Here’s what really struck a chord:

No poverty

Although many people start life off with varying levels of financial security - life is not easy for anybody. With the added burden of struggling with finances - it can get even worse. If you look around, things have not been getting better and the gap between the rich and less financially secure is ever-expanding. A world with no poverty is a massive leap in the right direction. We are in the 21st century, there has been massive progression in humanity. Why are there people still suffering? We need to do better as people, businesses and neighbours. Poverty is something that Ordrs will be addressing - we have been involved in fundraisers but we’d like to have a deeper impact and are looking into how we can sustainably empower.

Zero hunger

Heavily linked with ‘No poverty’, zero hunger is a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed. The world produces crops. There is enough food to feed almost two times the population of the world, yet over 800 million people are starving. Ordrs have already taken steps forward to supporting people who lack access to food. Alongside Lewisham Local we recently raised £507.50 to support food bank users access healthier foods and more culturally appropriate options to empower the diverse residents of the borough of Lewisham. We want to give people the foods that they desire and will continually work with organisations to go that step further.

Good health and well-being

This is quite a broad goal and Ordrs will like to zoom into the sub-target of physical health. This category is dependant on various elements which include physical exercise and nutrition. Being in the food space, nutrition is something which we would like to get into - we have already had conservations with nutritionists and have written blogs on healthy eating. We see ourselves as a source that can support people make better choices for their health and well-being.

Decent work and economic growth

A very controversial topic in the fast delivery space. Many are paid below minimum wage due to the zero hour contract and customer’s demand for cheaper options - this has applied pressure on firms to compromise on employee pay. We believe that there is a sweet spot in which we can pay our team the Living Wage and provide affordable delivery. We want everybody to be happy with the Ordrs process - the customers, team members and partners. We hold this close to our hearts and will continue implementing our vision as we scale.

Reduced inequalities

At the end of the day, we are all human and connect with each other through love. Regardless of your background, everybody should be treated with respect - customer service is well adopted throughout organisations (some better than others!) As well as being respectful and treating people right externally, we want to live these values internally by treating our team members respectfully and providing equal opportunities for people regardless of their background.

Sustainable cities and communities

With the evident damage to the world that businesses and people are causing - it is important for organisations to set an example. Sustainability is something we are looking to tackle but it will take us a bit of time and backing. We are looking to invest in eco-friendly transport and have already adopted paper bags. There is so much that can be done to be more sustainable and we are looking forward to creating a more environmentally friendly world.

Partnerships for goals

Last but not least… Partnerships! As amazing as our vision is - we cannot do this alone. We are already working with local community groups and charities to achieve our aforementioned goals, however, we cannot do it by ourselves. We are already reaching out to people in nationally influential positions who can help us make an impact and would like to work towards our goals on a global stage! 

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