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Ordrs 2021 Resolutions


2020 was an unpredictable year for the business world and the trend appears to have continued with the spontaneous lockdown announcement on Monday. Personally, I have started the year with great reflection. Thinking how can I improve as a person? And of course, how can I make Ordrs even more amazing!? Last Sunday, I had a lengthy conversation with my co-founder and we set HUGE goals and broke them down - the discussion was focused on making Ordrs better and growing. Here are a few things which we will be working on in 2021:

Better Technology

Tech is a core part of what we do! We have put together a document of the feedback which we have received and will be making improvements to our website regularly throughout the year. We will be exploring ways in which we can make our website easier to use - to make your shopping process even more efficient. Long term systems which we will be working on include a live stock system which will show you the products that are available in your local store which means that there will be 0% product substitution rate! (However, this is unlikely to be completed this year!)

Friendly Ordrs Team

Most ordrs get completed by me (Davidson) and I really enjoy doing them and seeing the smile on your faces! However, I want to support many more people with the tedious task in grocery shopping and will need a greater team to do so! We will be working greatly on recruiting top quality ordr shoppers and will be training them to choose the best quality fresh produce and groceries for you!

More Much-loved Partners

Last year we added 7 lovely local stores to our website, including the well-established TFC Supermarket (which has been quite popular!) This year, we will be further strengthening our relationships with our partners and will be building more local partnerships which means that there will be a greater range to shop from!


Pretty paper bags were introduced last year in order to reduce plastic consumption. We are actively looking into ways in which we can be even more eco-friendly. Ideas which we will be exploring include planting trees for every delivery we make to balance the production of our paper bags and e-cargo bikes to fulfil deliveries.

London Takeover!

Our major focus this year will be expanding throughout London - our goal is to grow as well as strengthen the personalised service we currently provide in the local area. Watch the space!

Your Feedback

Finally, we are not making enhancements for no reasons! We want to improve and provide an even better experience for you. We really appreciate if you share your thoughts and let us know how we can improve your online grocery shopping experience. If you have any feedback please do let us know!

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