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Lewisham Local: Make A Donation And Save Money

lewisham local
Community. Compassion. Collaboration. An alliterative combination of words which best describe Lewisham’s very own Lewisham Local.

Over the past 4 years, Lewisham Local has been on a mission to “create change in the community”. During this time of public crisis, Lewisham Local has remained a strong foundation for the residents of Lewisham. Alongside Voluntary Services Lewisham, Lewisham Food Bank and Age UK Lewisham & Southwark and the Lewisham Council have successfully coordinated a robust response to the struggles created by the epidemic – informing the local community with up-to-date information, providing food supplies for the vulnerable and toolkits for the Good Samaritans of the community who have volunteered to provide support. This is just one of the many initiatives which Lewisham Local has coordinated to better the community.

Have you ever had difficulty finding toilets to use in Lewisham? Alongside multiple local businesses, cafés, community centres and libraries around the borough, Lewisham Local have set up the Lewisham Community Toilets Initiative to provide clean, safe and accessible toilets to the public at no cost. Thirsty? Once again Lewisham Local has got you sorted! The Refill Lewisham scheme aims to make tap water refills accessible through local businesses, who become free refill stations. The Lewisham Local team also awards acts of community cohesion through the Mayor’s Award which recognises the voluntary contributions of individuals, young people, community groups and local business in Lewisham.

500+ businesses signed up, 4,000 community supporters with the vision to "bring Lewisham Local discounts to the wider community, increasing funds for local good" – my favourite Lewisham Local scheme; the Lewisham Local Card. The core of the card is to boost the local economy and increase job availability, Lewisham Local has created a wide network of independent businesses who offer exclusive discounts of up to 50% off for Lewisham Local cardholders! There is a great range of businesses partnered with Lewisham Local from the hairdressers to local grocers, the initiative really does highlight the “buzzing high street full of originality and diversity”. Originally, the Lewisham Local card scheme started as a way to reward volunteers in the borough for the great work they do for the community. They have now introduced a paid-for card which is not exclusive to volunteers but nonetheless sticks to the spirit of community development, where all profits go to local charities and good causes. Moreover, cardholders get to vote on which local causes will receive funding!

Ordrs are proud partners of Lewisham Local with the mutual vision to support the local community. The latest Lewisham Local card is now available - find out more here!

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