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Health Guide: Spotlight On Sea Moss

sea moss
Following the amazing Source of Life joining the Ordrs family - over the next few weeks, we will be putting out a series of exciting blog posts on natural supplements that Source of Life provide. We are going to kick this week off by diving into the marvelous and trendy Sea Moss... But before we get into that, I want to highlight that before you take any natural supplements, it is essential for you to speak with your GP as natural supplements are not suitable for everybody!


Also, If you read to the end, we will share a tip on how you could save a fortune on sea moss gel!



Sea moss is often considered a superfood which is low in calories and fat - definitely one to consider for the health conscious! It contains a small amount of protein, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. If you search online, you'll find an array of content, ranging from how sea moss has cured a deadly disease to how benefits of sea moss are a myth. Ultimately there needs to be more research done with sea moss, but there are benefits that are quite undeniable - Seamoss is defintely worth exploring!


7 Potential Benefits of Sea Moss

Boosts Your Immunity

Much needed! Especially as we move into the colder seasons. The combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iodine as well as iron, vitamins C and A makes sea moss a poweful immune booster. Some research shows that it may even protect your body from contracting salmonella.


Supports Gut Health

Sea moss is high in fiber and rich in prebiotics which is good for gut bacteria. This may aid your digestion, reduce the risk of bowel cancer and feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. Recent research has also shown that gut health has a link to mental health - so this powerful superfood may make you happier!

May see benefits managing: IBS, constipation


More Mood-boosting Minerals

As well as fiber, sea moss contains nearly two times more potassium than an average-sized banana! Potassium is a very important mineral that helps to support mental and emotional health.

May see benefits managing: Mental health


Supports Weight Loss

The natural supplement may also be beneficial to weight loss, due to its high concentration of iodine. Some research has shown that iodine may boost the metabolism which can support you on your weight loss journey.

May see benefits managing: General weight management


It Energises You!

The supplement is a natural source of iron which is a mineral your body needs to make hameoglobin, a protein which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body - this ultimately gives you energy.

May see benefits managing: Anemia


Heart Health

Some studies suggest that sea moss can lower cholesterol and help thin the blood. However, this isn't proven and requires more human research.

May see benefits managing: High cholesterol


Blood Sugar Levels

It may help manage your blood sugar - one study into seaweeds, like sea moss, found the compound fucoxanthin, which is thought to normalise high blood sugar levels.

May see benefits managing: Diabeties, high blood pressure


Sea Moss Gel

There are plenty of ways to add sea moss to your diet as it comes in so many forms, from powder to whole. One of the most popular forms nowadays is sea moss gel. Sea moss gel is derived from sea moss and is sometimes used as a thickening or stabilising agent in food, medicine, and cosmetics. Sea moss gel benefits from all the same great properties as sea moss, as it's high in minerals like iodine and potassium.

It has a mild flavour, which makes it a versatile ingredient in your cupboard. You could try adding sea moss to smoothies, shakes, soups, stews, jams, spreads, cakes, baked goods or even ice cream.

Sea Moss Gel, can be quite pricey, £20+ for a little 500 ml tin - it is more cost-effective to buy raw sea moss and make it yourself. Our local store partner Source of Life provide raw sea moss and it is easy to transform it into the gel. Check out the clip below!:


You can purchase raw sea moss through Source of Life on our website and save a fortune!


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