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Brick & Mortar - Riding the Wave of Online Shopping

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Thousands of retail stores are closing due to the rapid developments in e-commerce – this trend has accelerated due to the ongoing effects of COVID19. There are millions of online stores now that are taking over and are capturing huge market share. Many companies that are offline have started to stress and worry about the future of their retail shops. They are realising that it will take a lot of extra effort to keep up with their online rivals and keep up with the fierce competition. Many big shot companies have already closed due to their incompetency with e-commerce. However, this may not always be the case…

The self-satisfaction of the shoppers plays a vital role in giving a new life to retail stores. Some believe that online shopping is a perfect solution for the shopper and has successfully outweighed the concept of physical stores, but this is not true. Let's discuss these details below:

Many Brick and Mortar stores are riding the wave of online shopping! Isn't that astonishing news? Well, this is true. Several Brick and Mortar stores are giving some real tough competition to online stores. Many offline stores have made sure to engage with shoppers as much as they can – adding that personal touch which cannot be replicated online.

Many online shoppers are not ready to blindly trust products that they find online - even after seeing the reviews. Still, many people prefer to feel the product in its physical state by visiting Brick and Mortar retail stores.

Some apps such as Sainsbury’s Smart Shop have created an incredible shopper journey and encourage all the online and offline shoppers to come to their Brick and Mortar Retail stores. The in-store experience through mobile has provided a high level of convenience to shoppers, for example, some apps can help shoppers locate products inside the store. There are even online shopping apps that keep shoppers updated with the products' features, availability, and SKUs.

Many innovative Brick and Mortar retail stores are giving tough competition to the online stores. Brick and Mortar stores must continue to adapt and be creative to provide unique experiences which cannot be replicated online.

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